Engineering group DOT3D was founded in 2003 by three engineers. It soon has become obvious that for the serious projects serious measures have to be taken. An extended personnel search resulted in significant group growth to twelve engineers.

Initially various projects have been of our interest. Such approach was was quickly replaced with more efficient one - focusing on single industry branch. After consideration our choice was to focus on transportation means - projects of vehicles, adaptations and customizations. Such choice was dictated primarily by our engineering expertise and field of interest.

DOT3D can be characterized by: high professional level, unique approach to engineering issues, modern infrastructure, impressive combined experience and big ambition characteristic for small enterprises. Such combination of features allowed us to win confidence of several key customers. They are continuously coming back to DOT3D with consecutive projects.

Engineering services were soon completed with design (styling), engineering analysis (CAE), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and professional renderings. With such abilities DOT3D is able to cope with complex projects.

Our activities from the beginning are managed by PLM system. The system provides a single organized and secure source of data and improves our engineering efficiency. System controls our internal activities as well as sets standards for external communication, assuring accurate data exchange.

We at DOT3D realize that our task is not limited to documentation hand-out. Our goal is to create successful relation with customers in range of product development.